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Feeling Ruthless

By Edwin Claveria

Seem like society chagning
everybody just be claimin’
and y’all need rearranging
but nobody do it
they choose to pursue it.
This got me feelin real ruthless
all of these people lookin real foolish
So I’m feelin real cluless.
Please stop actin so stupid.
Hold up
I want us to live in a world full of peace
but they killin us, leavin us to be deceased
I preach for the people who wanna live life
and to stop all the murdering up in the streets
I’m sick of the niggas that kill and repeat
cause none of y’all shit but stupid deadbeat.
I pray I say this forever and ever
society we gotta get it together
we really gotta make a change,
anything we can do cause this aint coo
niggas shooting up schools
y’all lookin like fools
y’all act cruel.
Tell me what y’all know about seeing someone get shot
dying on the spot
right in front of your eyes
typa shit that make me traumatized.
Picture this and you can visualize
just a younin that is on the rise.
I put the haters and phonies aside
cause they always tryin to take yo pride
and never even give you credit for trying
But I ain’t gone let that shit stop me,
I’m just gone bounce back and repeat.
And ever since we elected this godamn preident
who’s hesitant
to do sum for the life of the innocent residents
but apparently we irrelevant.
And I got enough evidence to prove that
he ain’t even doing shit for these countries
he don’t really give a damn
except for the money
He be think that we just some dummies.

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