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The sound of my room 

 Name withheld until contest judging
Thinking about the process of art.
How why you don’t like it.
My wall plastered with the sounds
You must be my soul sista
In protest i carry those tunes with me.
So when every you see us
He here the forbidden knowledge
See this blackbird fly.
And here that we could be free
& they hate it.
They hate when we walk into their offices.
Soldiers of love
My black brothers
Standing tall & speaking with their chest
This sound is
Queen Latinos
This sound is Melanin
This is the sound of resistance
This is the sound is persistence
You wish this would stop.
This sound is CPS
And sorry we regret to inform you but you will not
Turn down our volume
Or make a call on your black berry.
Because I can make you put your phone down
Like Badu
And fuck with your soul like Either
Like Nas.
And all we need for you to do is listen..
To the plastered sounds of my wall..
Because it’s not inadicquate
& we’re not illiterate
We’re a unity.

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