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Students speak out against the uncomfortable uniform requirement

By Aliyah Martinez

Some schools have uniform policy, and Steinmetz is one of them. A Star poll taken last year showed that 93 percent of students dislike the policy; seven percent of students are okay with the policy. Of the students who accept the uniform requirement, most still don’t feel comfortable wearing khaki pants.

The Local School Council changed the uniform policy three years ago to require khaki pants. Prior to that, the “Spirit Fridays” dress code (any pants with a Steinmetz shirt) was the regular uniform policy.

The LSC should drop the khaki pants requirement. Besides the fact that the pants are a sign of elementary, charter or Catholic schools, not neighborhood high schools, the council needs to have consideration on women.

For girls, it’s really uncomfortable to wear light-colored pants when we are on our period because an accident can happen and it makes us feel embarrassed. We don’t want to take advantage of it or say that we don’t want the uniform at all, we would like to just wear any Steinmetz shirt and any other type of pants.

The Star asked other students if they felt comfortable wearing khakis.

“No, I don’t feel comfortable,” senior Kimberly Peralta said. “I’m constantly worrying if I stained my pants. I have to be careful while I sit down. I feel way more comfortable with joggers because khaki pants are too tight.”

In addition to the fit, students dislike how dirty they get.

“It’s hard to find the right size of pants, and they get dirty really fast,” senior Yannaly Alvarenga said. “Also, we have to buy expensive pants because most of the times the fabric is cheap quality.”

Wearing khakis limits students.

“I don’t find comfortable khaki pants,” senior Lesly Martinez said. “I have to fold the bottom of the pants because they are too long. I get paranoiac when I’m on my days because khaki pants are literally close to white pants.”

Nearly all girls dislike wearing the pants when they’re on their period.

“I’m not comfortable wearing them because what if you get your period unexpectedly and if you get stained it would be very noticeable,” junior Erika Nieto said.
Boys dislike the khakis, too.

“I prefer to wear joggers because khaki pants are too tight and they are not comfortable,” senior Daniel Reyes said.

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