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Playboy editor (and Steinmetz graduate) Hugh Hefner sends regards

June 17, 2014

Dear Star,

It’s always great to hear from you and Steinmetz.

I really enjoyed my meeting with Principal Stephen Ngo and think he enjoyed the visit too.

I had some minor surgery a week ago, but am recovering nicely.

My love to you and everyone at Steinmetz.

All best,


Hugh M. Hefner

Hef, June 2014

5 comments on “Playboy editor (and Steinmetz graduate) Hugh Hefner sends regards

  1. Jailene Torres on said:

    I like that even though Hugh Hefner graduated a long time ago, he is still involved with the school. He is very much appreciated. I hope his recovery is going well.

  2. Angelica Lopez on said:

    I love how Hugh Hefner came to Steinmetz to show his old high school some love. It means a lot knowing Steinmetz is still important to him.

  3. Gissel Mendoza on said:

    I love the way Hugh Hefner stays involved with the school. His funding for the Star is highly appreciated!

  4. Emily Santiago on said:

    This really means a lot, considering that the alumni of our school seriously take part and involve themselves in the Steinmetz of today. I wish Hugh Hefner all the best in recovery!

  5. Marisha Reynolds on said:

    I really love that Hugh Hefner is still involved with the school, and that he enjoys the Star as much as we students do.

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