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Straight A seniors

The Jan.-Feb. 2018 Star featured all the freshmen, sophomores and juniors who earned straight As in the first semester. Star reporters will be adding photos and interviews of the seniors on this page.

Pictured on the right are straight A seniors in the journalism class Rosalinda Diaz, Aja Williams and Emily Gonzales.


“I feel accomplished getting good grades for the whole semester. I also feel happy about my success because I know that the hard work paid off. My favorite teacher is Mr. P. [Abel Pereyra] because he explains his concepts thoroughly so that they are easy to understand.” Emily Salgado (Interview by Eli Patino)


“I just really want to make my mom proud because I’m a senior, so time is running out for me. I got straight A’s by staying focused and knowing that the school life and my social life are separate.” A’shanti Davis (Interview by Chiya Loyd)

Emily G

“My family motivates me to have straight A’s, and my boyfriend motivates me to be on top of my work. Having straight As make me feel proud of myself. I want to be successful in life; that’s why I’m always trying my best to get good grades.” Emily Gonzales (Interview by Katherinne Garcia)


“My motivation is getting my work done so I don’t have to worry. My advice would be to get rid of distractions like cell phones. The main ways to maintain good grades are studying and doing the work on time without procrastinating.” Miguel Viruet (Interview by Stephanie Pravinchandra)

Maribel revised

“My friends, especially Emily Gonzales, and my parents motivate me to get good grades. I am always on top of my work and I try my best to get the best grades. Having straight A’s motivates me to do better in life, to go to college and make my parents proud.” Maribel Murillo (Interview by Emily Gonzales)



“Getting straight A’s was very difficult for me; however, I always tried to maintain being on top of everything. I’m one to believe that it’s more about trying in your classes when I’m doing homework and test. I always try to do the best that I can. My main priority is trying to get everything done on time.” Yahaira Villatoro (Interview by Vinnie Rivera)

20180312_141759 (2)

“I feel very proud of myself for being able to pull this off when in the beginning it wasn’t looking too good for me. My grades weren’t the best, but after seeing a classmate with straight A’s, I became inspired to do better and compete to keep my rank. No one should feel discouraged, because as long as you try your best to stay on top of your work, you’re good.” Liana Perez (Interview by Daria Velazquez)

Alma Carmona pic

“I feel proud of myself for all the hard work I’ve done. My motivation is my mom. I did it by doing all my work and putting my phone away so I don’t get distracted.” Rosalinda Diaz (Interview by Alma Carmona)


“I keep up by turning in all my work and making sure I stay focused. I don’t get distracted. I’m humble, I stay to myself and don’t focus on anybody. It means a lot to me to make straight A’s. I was excited because in freshman year I failed most of my classes and then sophomore year I got A’s and B’s and now I’m taking things serious.” Pierra Burton (Interviewed by Stephany Casillas)


“I’m motivated into becoming a better person. I’m ambitious and want to succeed higher than everyone around me. In my free time, I like to hang out with my family and my birds. I like to listen to music with them and dance around.” Michelle Villanueva (Interview by Aly Fontanilla)


“I surrounded myself with positivity and my peers that also had straight A’s. That was my motivation. I do everything during the week so I can have the weekend off, keep on top of my work and talk to the teacher if my grades start to slip.” Ana Avila (Interview by Kyiah Morris)


“If I miss anything, I go to all my teachers and ask if I can make up any work. I don’t do homework because I take care of my daughter, so I do my homework in class. I’m motivated by my plan to go to college and my daughter.” Karla Peralta (Interview by Joel Perdomo)

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