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A real man

Writer’s name withheld until after contest judging

“Dispute it as a man,” you said
I will I will but I have to feel it
like a man, a man can be sad
A man could be cruel
But Macbeth
Thought he was the right way to rule
But they feed the greed they feed
There own selfish need because Lady
Macbeth thinks men are cruel and
Nothing else men can feel except they
Can but them ending up dead wasn’t
A part of the plan Macduff is the man
All men should inspire to be
Because he knows it’s alright to show
His feelings and he won’t
Question his own masculinity
“There’s daggers in men’s smiles”
With there cruel defiles and there
Painful denials
You asked me why I was afraid
Of a ghost but who wouldn’t be?
You prayed to evil spirits
To “make you cruel as a man”
Second thoughts I was having to kill the king
You said do it a real man you will be but what you were really saying was do it for me
So we could have the power over
Life and death but one breath and everything
We cherished became less because
I had to be a real man
I was afraid but you didn’t care
I was scared and having second thoughts
But you didn’t care now we are probably both in hell and left in despair because the love faded out of the air
Macduff was the real man
He was the hero
He was the man I should’ve been
But a tyrant I became
All because of the fame
Because of the greed
And my need to be

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