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Name withheld until poetry contest judging is complete

Love is one strange feeling
one moment you’re happy
but all that fades away
like a shotgun blast to the heart.

Every “I love you” It didn’t mean anything
Every “I’m sorry” That was a lie
Every Kiss that pushed us away

The one person I would give everything for but what..
Just so I could end up broken like my soul has left its place to wander the afterlife

Our love was meant to last not crash and burn as if it was in a car wreck..

Maybe for once the person would finally give a mile not an inch.

You walk around now like what we had was nothing
Like most people say “It wasn’t meant to be”

My heart has broken to point of no coming back,no glue will mend this heart back to its original way of love.
I hope you know how much this relationship affected me but you’ll never know because you were too BLIND to see it!

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