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What we’d change about Steinmetz

The following are suggestions to improve Steinmetz made by the Star newspaper staff.

Drop the uniform

The school would have fewer problems and fewer students going into 118 if there were no uniform requirement. – Jasmin Vides

Mr. Ngo takes it like it’s a big issue to be out of uniform. It’s not. – Emily Gonzales

Have a dress code instead of a uniform. – Alma Carmona

Change the uniform policy. – Rosalinda Diaz, Kyiah Morris

I would like to get rid of the uniform entirely, like most schools in the area. – Alyanna Fontanilla

Return to earlier bell schedule

We should get out at 3:00  instead of 4:00 because many students have jobs and after school programs. Students go home so late. – Jasmin Vides

I hate how we don’t get out of school until four o’clock on most days. Even if we had to start earlier, I would still do it if it meant getting out earlier as well. – Stephanie Pravinchandra

I think that we get out of school way too late, which makes students have less freedom after school. – Alma Nunez

Allow off-campus lunch

I would let the seniors leave for lunch. If not that, put them all in a lunch period together. The lunch periods this year are all mixed up, which isn’t fair for the seniors since this is their last year. – Stephanie Pravinchandra

I feel that the way we eat lunch is really bad and that the school only feeds us because they are required to.

We should have the option of off-campus lunch. If some students don’t come back then that’s their education they’re putting in jeopardy, not mine.

Earlier this year, there was a smushed bug on my milk. All the lunch lady did was gave me a new lunch, which is still unacceptable.

It’s not fair that they are investing millions of dollars into a new field but not better food, when some people don’t eat because they are not getting the proper nutrition that their bodies deserve. – Katera Goldman

Off-campus lunch should be an option because the lunchroom food isn’t always good. – Aja Williams

We should be allowed to go out to get food and then come back to the school when we’re done.  – Kyiah Morris

Dismiss seniors after 7th

Seniors who have all their credits and are on track to graduate shouldn’t have an 8th period. I feel like that will motivate all grade levels to stay on track and won’t fail classes that they will need to meet the graduation requirement once they get to senior year. – Rosalinda Diaz

Staying in school until 4:01 p.m. seems too long. I also feel that seniors who have all their credits, should be able to pick their schedule or get to get out early due to the fact we don’t need electives. Aja Williams

Focus on arts

I would change how low the art programs are seen in this school and how sports are more valued than the arts. – Kathryn Rosas

Support sports

I wish our sport teams were better supported. We use uniforms that are old and the letters are coming off of the jerseys. I don’t think our school is too fond of sport teams, so they don’t try to better any equipment of sorts. – Victor Hernandez

Hold more events, better venues

We need more than one pep rally, like a winter and spring pep rally. I’m in boys volleyball I would love to experience being on the stage showing off my spirit in the school. – Vinnie Rivera

We should rent banquet halls for the school dances because it’s too crowded to do it in the lunchroom and the gym. It gets too hot in both locations. – Victor Hernandez

Acknowledge success of all students

There is a lot of favoritism in this school towards certain course levels, like IB. I have witnessed this first-hand and it upsets me because all of us have potential.

We should all be treated equally and get the praise we deserve.

Some of us work our a__es off to get the grades we have, while struggling with other activities, and it isn’t fair that there is no acknowledgment of us.

It would be nice to hear from our administration, especially Mr. Ngo, with positive speeches and praises over our achievements. – Daria Velazquez

Behave better, improve attitudes

I believe that we must inspire a change within our students in order to really make a change in this school. I believe we need to change the way we see ourselves and others and motivate one another to achieve greatness. –Jenny Gamboa

I would change the discipline. In my opinion, the students practically run the school. – Chiya Loyd

Let’s get real

We are now young adults going into the real world; we should be talking about real things.

We need to talk about public school system’s priorities and how those priorities are not in the right places. We want students to be successful in life, but schools aren’t teaching things that are considered life necessities. I don’t need to know the Pythagorean Theorem to be successful. Show me how to do my taxes. – Chiya Loyd

[See Chiya’s complete “Let’s get real” column at]

3 comments on “What we’d change about Steinmetz

  1. Vanessa Sanchez on said:

    There are many things listed, but there are many more things that we should change. Such as having study hall so that many students are able to do some homework, especially IB students.

    I think that dismissing seniors after 7th is unfair to the other classmen. We should have pep rallies for winter and spring sports, too, not just fall, because it seems like the school only cares about the fall sports. It may make some athletes feel unappreciated.

    I agree that many kids get a lot of school work and are actually dedicated to school and they don’t get acknowledged for it.

  2. Daphne Texis on said:

    I agree with “have a dress code instead of a uniform” by Alma Carmona because the uniform really isn’t helping anything. Some girls get the shirts and out them to be adjustable (shorter) so I don’t see how that’s any different from being out of uniform. I came from the northwest suburbs where they don’t have a uniform policy, but they do have a sort of strict uniform policy on inappropriate logos and showing too much skin. I feel like in this school the biggest concern is the uniform policy rather than the fights going on. I get that we have a uniform policy because they don’t want gang related colors being represented in this school but I mean that doesn’t help because people still fight either because of drama or gang related. People look at the violence happening rather than concerns over the uniform policy.

  3. Diana Mendoza on said:

    I want to express my opinion about dropping the uniform. As a sophomore in the MYP program I cannot express enough how the uniform should not be interrupting students’ education. I think uniforms should be dropped and it would decrease one of many problems Steinmetz has.

    Sometimes the school gets cold and students don’t have the Steinmetz sweater to wear. There are so many real problems in the school and uniforms should not be a problem. Students being in 118 takes away from their class time. I believe that kids shouldn’t get in trouble for wearing a piece of clothing; kids should get in trouble for causing all that violence.

    I want to comment on dismissing the seniors after 7th. I strongly disagree, again. As an MYP student we do get a lot of homework and I know that waiting to get out 4:01 is late, but seniors aren’t the only ones who have to do things after school. I think we all should be treated equally.

    I want to express my opinion on the sports section. I am so tired of not having good equipment and not enough space to practice. I think we all support each other in all types of sports. We should raise or try to raise money for all sports. We need nicer softball and baseball fields. Having nice things for sports is always the best.

    Diana Mendoza, sophomore

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