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‘Big Mouth’ for the non-squemish

By Emelie Gonzalez

I would totally recommend the Netflix series “Big Mouth,” an animated comedy about puberty, to people who have a dark sense of humor, aren’t grossed out by bodily fluids and who are mature enough to not get uncomfortable by the words vagina, penis and sex.

The show is about pre-teens who are going through hormonal changes. These teens are discovering their developing bodies, sexuality and need for love.

The cartoon depicts the main character’s hormones as the Hormone Monster. He follows the main character Andrew and makes him do embarrassing things that he cannot control.

The series is not meant for younger audiences going through these changes; it’s meant for adults who can relate to some of the humiliating topics in the show, such as masturbation, first love, periods and sex.

The show is rated 8.3/10 on IMDB, and was renewed for a second season.

One comment on “‘Big Mouth’ for the non-squemish

  1. Paola Gomez on said:

    I agree about the Netflix series because many kids don’t know about their changes. The changes that happen to their body may be scary. I also agree about the Netflix series not being for younger kids. Stating that it’s not for kids will be very helpful because some people don’t enjoy watching Netflix series and I agree with everything the editor said, explaining it with details. The author may even persuade some people to watch it.

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