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By Davion White
Depression: My Inner Self

Sixty degrees that comes in threes
Watches from within birch trees
Saw his own dimension burn
Misses home and can’t return

Says he’s happy he’s a liar
Blame the arson for the fire
If he wants to shirk the blame
He’ll have to invoke my name

One way to absolve his crime
A different form, a different time
When all is set and done
All humans and animals may run

The deception is in their eyes
Anyone can see through their lies
I want to forgive and forget
But I can’t live with the regret

He fakes a disguise
Once you shake his hand he dies
He conjures red flames
Even with the beast he tames

It’s been hard living in his soul
But nobody lives for long
Some are right, some are wrong
His life is written in a scroll

With every tear that drops at night
My thoughts start to take flight
The actions that haunt him
His soul gets a little more dim

No matter what life throws at me
I’ll always have the choice to push through
Without that one person by our side
All we do is get sucked into the void

Depression Lingers into my inner self

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