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What is your advice for the underclassmen?

“Don’t follow what other people are doing. Instead, be a leader and follow yourself.”
Ivan Rico, sophomore
Interview by Estephani Paredes

KJ, Patrick w

Patrick Sularz







“Ignore the ignorance, and just behave.”
Patrick Sularz, senior
Interview by Kamari Joiner


MK, Patricia w

Patricia Saavedra, Davida Thompson

“Come to school on time, and do all your work. Stay on your grind.” – Patricia Saavedra, senior
Interview by Matias Kirk
“Do all your work, stay on your grind, and don’t let anything stop you.” – Davida Thompson, senior
Interview by Devion Thompson



Steven Morales, Beto Bolanos, Francisco Bolanos







“Do not to fall off track because it will affect the coming years of high school.” – Francisco Bolanos, senior
“Just do your work and listen to your teachers, because you only get one chance in high school. Once you mess it up by ditching and not paying attention, you pretty much kill your chances in ever going to college.” – Steven Morales, junior
Interviews by Estephani Paredes


“Just stay focussed and pass all your classes.”
Abrielle Story, junior
Interview by Aaliyah Collins


Matthew w

Matthew Zavala








“Don’t get lost, know your classes, and pay attention when they explain how the school works.”
Matthew Zavala, freshman
Interview by Estephani Paredes


RM, Lexi Rosch w

Lexi Rosch








“Don’t ditch, don’t run around the halls like little monkeys, and take school serious.”
Lexi Rosch, sophomore
Interview by Rosemary McGurn


Joslyn H.

Diamonte Brady








“Stay on track, and don’t get caught up in the drama of high school to the point where it messes up your chance to graduate.”
Diamonte Brady, senior
Interview by Joslyn Hermosillo


Markisha w

Markisha Walker






“Be on time to class, get great grades (all A’s and B’s), and keep your head up in the worst of situations. Also, don’t have any any drama.”
Markisha Walker, senior
Interview by Estephani Paredes and Teresa Rodriguez


Teresa Rodriguez, Luis Arias  w

Luis Arias







“Pay attention in class! Don’t goof off or ditch. #stayabovetheinfluence
Luis Arias, senior
Interview by Teresa Rodriguez


DP, Joew

Joseph Ares








“The advice I give to all of you is to leave Steinmetz and find a better school for a better future.”
Joseph Ares, junior
Interview by Delilah Perez


Adriana w

Adriana Acosta






“Do your work, never ditch class, listen to your teachers, and keep on their good side.”
Adriana Acosta, senior
Interview by Estephani Paredes



Aryanna Dixon








“Stay in your books and don’t get into any fights. Most importantly, you should go to all your classes on time, and don’t fail any of your classes.”
Aryanna Dixon, sophomore
Interview by Aaliyah Collins


JT, Anthony w

Antonio Corral








“Don’t mess up, do good in all your classes, do all your work, and pay attention.”
Antonio Corral, junior
Interview by Jailene Torres



Ronald Bell

Ronnie Ballard









“Stay in school, and never let anyone bring you down. Stay focused and do all of your work.”

Ronnie Ballard, senior
Interview by Aaliyah Collins


MK, cy w

Cinthya Catalan







“Good luck, my fellow classmates. I admire each and every one of you. Much love.”
Cinthya Catalan, senior
Interview by Matias Kirk


EP, Maria w

Estephanie Parades, Maria Zavala






“My advice is sweet and simple: Don’t be be dumb and fail; it’s not worth it.”
Maria Zavala, ’14 (freshman at Dominican University)
Interview by Estephani Paredes


Rob R. w

Robert Rittmeyer







“Work hard, don’t give up no matter how hard it is, and be respectful.”
Robert Rittmeyer, teacher
Interview by Estephani Paredes


Nikos Quintero

Nikos Quintero


“I actually love Steinmetz: the building, the teachers, students, etc. For you freshmen, you little guys gotta slow your roll and focus on your future. But turn up!”
Nikos Quintero, junior
Interview by Desiree Erturk



“Stay out the halls. And do not dart for the doorways; they’ll get you. Never get on Roldan’s bad side or Fina’s bad side. If you’re not going to show up to class, just leave. Don’t stay in the bathroom and do nothing like you’re cool. That’s just gross. Be positive and give your best, before you realize your grades and attendance count in your senior year.”
Elianis Rosado, senior
Interview by Jamilah Zayas

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