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Valentine’s Day greetings to friends and loved ones

To my dogs
From Perla Gonzalez

I’m going to spend this Valentine’s Day with the ones who love me for who I am and who are always happy to see me – my dogs.

The love of my dog is worth every hair I find in clothes, every muddy paw print, every early morning walk, every dollar spent.



Sofia Martinez

I just want to shout out to the best person with a heart of gold. I love you very much. Happy Valentine’s Day, best friend. Love, Sofia Martinez


Happy Valentine’s Day to my dog, Obi, from Marta Stasik. He doesn’t fail to make me feel better; he is the reason I’m in a good mood all the time. Whenever I feel like I have no one, he reminds me I have him.


Happy Valentine’s Day to Kim Taehyung for making me happy. Alejandra Cruz

Alyssa Guzman

To my best friend Sofia, I love you so much. You’ve given me a best friend, a sister, a whole new family, and a support system I never knew I needed. I’m blessed to have you and hope you know just how much I appreciate you. Thank you for putting up with me and loving me like no other. Thank you for being the Rico to my Pedro. We got this. Alyssa

Areli 2

To Maria Flores From Areli Ångulo-Perez I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day with my person that makes my day everyday and that loves me for who I am and supports me. The love I have for her gets strong everyday and there isn’t a day that i would go without telling her I love her and that she means everything to me and she never fails on making me the happiest person ever, like that’s my person. 12/22/17<3




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