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Steinmetz is a great school for great students

By Frank Cabrera

I’m so tired of students saying Steinmetz isn’t a great school, when you’re ditching class, not doing homework, failing classes, disrespecting teachers, fighting, spreading rumors, causing drama and etc.
Some of you bring your own demise to yourselves. You want to know why we don’t have a lot of clubs? Because everyone says it’s dumb and no one joins them.
How do you expect a school to put effort and change when you don’t even do anything yourselves. The only way Steinmetz will get better is if you get up and do your job as a student.

I’m sorry, but do not say Steinmetz is a bad school if you are not:
1. Taking any honor/AP/IB classes, or
2. In a school sport, club or activity, or
3. Putting your best foot forward in school.
Also, it is never too late to apply yourself in school. We just began a new semester. Apply yourself and see the change you create. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior about to graduate, straight A’s feel great and you can definitely achieve them. Steinmetz also has tutoring.

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