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Acknowledge the impact you have on yourself and others

By Nelida Navarro

Imagine if the Mona Lisa had an obvious modification to it — something dramatic, like a gigantic scribble grazed over the entire painting, or something simple, like if she had a mustache. Even if it was one minor line it would change the entire outcome of the art piece. One simple line is all it takes to destroy or enhance a finished product.

Consider yourself a blank canvas. Endless possibilities linger in the air on what you will turn out to be. On this canvas there is an outline of your basic identity, and your ego becomes the main focus of this still life. However, everyone who comes in contact with you can leave a mark of any kind, ultimately affecting the end result of you.

Our ability to create a chain reaction is obnoxiously overwhelming. Our words spill out of our mouths like vomit, and since we want to be heard, it feels like it is impossible to contain them.

This all could be easily summed up into one simple sentence: What you do affects people, so watch what you say and do.

But that isn’t intense enough. It is so incredibly easy to disregard the impact that these random words hold. The order in which we place words can make a difference or just become repetitive things said in different variations. We are capable of enhancing each other.

Educate yourself on issues happening in the world, or even just about one specific person, and strive to make things better.

Unity is necessary for survival; there is absolutely no point in hating each other or disrespecting others because of their beliefs and opinions when toxic issues in the world are unraveling before our eyes.

Step away from just your perspective in the world and absorb compassion and love. Not everyone will agree with what you believe in or stand for, and that is simply okay.

Dreaming becomes a beautiful tool, especially when having an optimistic point of view. The power we have to imprint all things possible is combusting inside of us.

Instead of saying controversial things to be funny, or purposefully hurting or insulting someone for simply living, acknowledge the impact you have on yourself and others and constantly try to be better.

Everyday, everyone has the potential to be different. No one is the same as he or she used to be. Constant change, whether it is negative or positive, continues to flourish.

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