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What is a favorite Halloween costume you wore when you were little?

“I used to wear my aunt’s wig when I was a little kid.”
Jada Clark, junior
Interview by Maurice Abrigunda

“Definitely Tinker Bell.”
Diana Figueroa, junior
Interview by Maurice Abrigunda

‘’My favorite costume as a child was when I dressed up as Cinderella.’’
Sabrina Marrero, senior
Interview by Angela Rodriguez

‘’When I was 5 years old I was a ladybug.’’
Mitzy Herandez, senior
Interview by Angela Rodriguez

“One of my best friends and I went as Mario and Luigi when we were about 8. We wanted to wear costumes together.”
Ariana Moralez, junior
Interview by Nelly Navarro

“I was a princess.”
Jareth Carrera, senior
Interview by Roxana Urizar

“I never celebrated Halloween.”
Janet Castrejon, junior
Interview by Mia Marrero

“I was a pirate when I was seven.”
Enrique Quirino, junior
Interview by Justin Carrillo

“I was a ninja when I was 10, the reason why I chose it is I’m Asian. People were scared of me and I felt cool and confident.”
Ziedrick Madamba, junior
Interview by Rocio Flores

“I was a ninja. I wore a black jacket and gloves.”
Samuel Oden, senior
Interview by Aliyah Martinez

“I didn’t dress up for Halloween as a kid.”
Asia Zanders, senior
Interview by Adrienne Henry

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