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Volleyball executes communication, teamwork and leadership

By Lara Banez

The girls varsity volleyball team started strong in the beginning of the season with five straight wins .

This year’s team played against difficult competition — Schurz, Ogden, Roosevelt and Juarez. Overall, both varsity and JV ended their seasons with an 8-8 record.

Coach Marie Chaparro said this year’s team has been one of the best she has coached in a long time. She believed the girls had the potential to be an amazing team when they play together.

The team started out with great leadership and communication with one another; however, the players would fall short in some games causing them a loss.

IMG_20180823_171233At times, the players struggled with believing in themselves, but with the constant support and assurance from their team captains, Joyce Alvarez and Raychel Vician, the team did not give up and played their very best til the end.

This year, we say goodbye to 10 seniors, six of whom are starters. Out of the 10, four girls have played all four years at steinmetz. The seniors include: Captain Joyce Alvarez (2 years), Captain Raychel Vician (4 years),  Erika Carrasco (4 years), Shaquita Holder (4 years), Sorahy Orozco (4 years), Millie Martinez (3 years), Lara Banez (3 years), Jaila Williams (2 years) , Jaliyah Mitchell (1 year), and Alyssa Delgado (1 year).

Coach Chaparro said next year’s girls moving onto varsity have big shoes to fill.

The Star interviewed Joyce Alvarez about the challenges she faced as captain. She said, “As captain it challenged me to be a good role model, someone my teammates can look up to, who doesn’t give up or complain, and makes sure my teammates are mentally and physically good.”


2018 varsity record

2-0 (W) – Steinmetz @ Foreman

2-1 (W) – Steinmetz @ Clemente

2-1 (W) – Steinmetz vs. Chicago Sullivan

2-0 (W) – Steinmetz @ Amundsen

2-0 (W) – Steinmetz vs. Juarez

2-1 (L) – Steinmetz vs. Prosser

2-0 (L) – Steinmetz @ Schurz

2-0 (L) – Steinmetz vs. Roosevelt

2-0 (W) – Steinmetz vs. Ogden International

2-0 (W) – Steinmetz vs. Clemente

2-0 (L) – Steinmetz @ Chicago Sullivan

2-0 (W) – Steinmetz vs. Amundsen

2-0 (L) – Steinmetz @ Juarez

2-0 (L) – Steinmetz vs. Schurz

2-1 (L) – Steinmetz @ Roosevelt

2-1 (L) – Steinmetz @ Ogden International

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