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What advice do you have for Principal Jaramillo?

“Get involved with students and participate in after school events to show students you care.”
Jesse Tapia, senior
Interview by Jose Sanchez

“Treat us right like we’re part of the team, not just students.”
Jada Clark, junior
Interview by Maurice Abrigunda

“Good luck being a new principal in our school; we want a better future for the students and the staff.”
Diana Figueroa, junior
Interview by Maurice Abrigunda

“Mr. Jaramillo should ask students for their advice and their opinions about the school.”
Jareth Carrera, senior
Interview by Roxana Urizar

“He should start looking at the lunches and get better food like noodles and better pizza. There should be more than milk or chocolate milk, like juice.”
Janet Castrejon, junior
Interview by Mia Marrero

“I want Mr. Jaramillo to do something about fights and have more security in the cafeteria. If he doesn’t, the school will get worse.”
Carlos Luna, sophomore
Interview by Rocio Flores

“It would be great to change the schedule and get out of school earlier on Fridays.”
Jairo Hernandez, junior
Interview by Aliyah Martinez

“Students need respect from everyone, especially staff, specifically security. Authoritative power seems to get to their heads. I just want the students to be treated kindly at all times.”
Richard Salgado, senior
Interview by Nelly Navarro

‘’The school should let kids be more creative with the uniforms and should fund more of the band class.’’
Deanna Inwound, freshman
Interview by America Flores

“Freshmen should be able to get more elective classes.’’
Angel Hurtado, freshman
Interview by America Flores


“My advice to him is not to try hard to be controlling. Just be reasonable and open minded.”
Asia Zanders, senior
Interview by Adrienne Henry

Star staff opinion

We should have more security guards. Rethink the uniforms. Do not lose any hope for a change. Rocio Flores-Najera, senior

You should listen to some complaints that students and staff might have about the school.
Mia Marrero

Be kind to students under all circumstances. I guarantee it will make everyones life easier and happier. You never know what students go through. Unnecessary scolding should never happen. I would like to see staff be more mature, setting a good example for the kids that attend Steinmetz College Prep.
Nelly Navarro, senior

My advice for the principal is to listen to the voices of the students and be open minded. Be willing to try new things to better the school.
Alyssa Avilez

My advice to the principal is to get more police officers for the lunchroom.
Edwardo Rizo, senior

My advice to the principal would be to have more arts classes and clubs, like drama, to help those who want to get into acting.
Jose Sanchez, senior

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