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Kevin Coval to speak at graduation

Kevin Coval, the director of Young Chicago Authors, poet and community-builder, has been a friend to Steinmetz for many years.

As one of the founders of Louder Than A Bomb, the world’s biggest teen poetry slam, he’s inspired thousands of Chicago students to express themselves.

“Kevin made me understand what it is to be a poet, what it is to be an artist, and what it is to serve the people,” Chance the Rapper writes in his introduction to Mr. Coval’s book “A People’s History of Chicago.”

Steinmetz 2016 graduate Alejandro Hernandez, pictured above with Mr. Coval on the set of the DePaul University radio program the 5th Element, hosted him on the show after Mr. Coval published his book of poetry last spring.

The connection Mr. Coval made with teacher James Sloan and Steinmetz is evident in the 2010 award-winning film “Louder Than A Bomb.” His encouragement of Steinmetz students has created a legacy of self-confidence and truth-telling, along with much joy in creating and sharing poetry.

The commencement ceremony will take place on June 13. Senior class president Steven Nunez invited Mr. Coval.

“The Class of 2018 is honored to have Kevin Coval speak to the graduates,” Steven said.

LTAB group

Poetry slam team members Sammie Chafai, Alina Qureshy, Jamara Mcgarry and Agape Alfaro pose with friends and coaches Jon Hood and James Sloan after their LTAB bout on March 2.

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