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Class of 2018 celebrates Decision Day

Seniors celebrated Decision Day on Friday, May 4. An assembly 8th period honored future college atheletes, those enlisting in the service and all of those enrolling in college. The assembly began with Louder Than a Bomb veteran Jamara McGarry sharing her original poem. See below.

The Steinmetz Star will feature many students from the Class of 2018 in the May-June newspaper. Make sure you and your friends are in this issue by sending an email to by Friday, May 18.

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By Jamara McGarry

Four years passed like a blink,

A glitch in the matrix making

Me grow two inches overnight.

But now it’s almost over now,

The uncertain future hurtling ever closer,

Like a bullet train of time and space.


Senioritis consumes me, weighing down

My thoughts, crushing my motivation. I

Want to leave, i want to give up and get out.

These four years have given me tiny taste

Of what’s to come, and I’m ready to grab

My destiny with both hands on the wheel.


Another day, another college application

My days and nights consumed by thoughts

Of essays and extracurriculars, by out-of-state

Schools and scholarships. I’m aimless, no

Rhyme or reason to where my applications go.

But I send them off with love, my tickets to destiny.


Next, those months of waiting, of checking

My mailbox, both physical and digital, for

That beloved big envelope. The happiness

When it comes; the sadness when it doesn’t.

I cry when the big envelope I wanted most

Never arrives, and take comfort in the envelopes that did.

And of course, a decision must be made, sooner

Than later. The direction the rest of my life will

Take can’t be left in the air, floating weightless

and full of weight all at once.


I worry for my future, what will happen,

What direction my life’s path should take.  

Turn right, where I can hear the sounds

Of success just across the bend? Or left,

Where hardships and happiness await

Down a hard won road?  





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