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A prayer 

 Name withheld until contest judging

Hands risen above my head heart on sleeve i pray.

Let me speak with my heart, from my heart.
My brain confuses me, bombarded by what others think of me.
wanting to be more
Wanting to be less.
Bless me with a voice.
A voice of fire just enough to warm you.
And aloe to sooth..
Washed away on a wave waiting to crash back to shore.
You are a raft
A breath of fresh air
Hands risen about my head
Heart in hands
I pray. You give me the passion i desire I’ve been longing for.
The motivation.
Make me strong but not just for me,
But everyone i am carrying with
For all of the hope people have placed on me..
To pull everyone up
Up & up
Above me head
I give you my mind
Thinking of voter finder ground
Sounds of laughter
After a long day
Lord give me happiness not to
Not to keep for my self
But to ooze like my Ora
On to those who need it.

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