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Pets are precious family members

By Alma Nunez

People love their pets intensely.

“I have three dogs – Mojo, a Boxer/Chihuahua mix,  Athena, a pitbull and a Golden Doodle named Gracie,” sophomore Kathryn Rosas said. “My pets are like best friends; without them I would feel lonely. My pets are my life.”

Animals and humans have developed strong bonds and relationships. Pets become like family.

“I have a Boston Terrier/Hound mix named Shorty, who is like my child; I love him very much,” senior Alma Carmona said.

A stressful day can melt away as soon as you walk inside your house and see your beloved pet. Pets bring you benefits on your daily life. They decrease stress, improve mood, lower cholesterol and help people socialize, according to “Mood Boosting Power of Dogs” on Pets add to our families. We appreciate our pets as much as they appreciate us.

“I have a Silky Terrier mix named Fluffy and an English Bulldog Spike,” sophomore Ricardo Nunez said. “They are like family members.”

One comment on “Pets are precious family members

  1. Alexis Aguayo on said:

    I agree with you and your article. Though I have never had a dog, I definitely know a thing or two about companionship. I have a pet tabby cat named Zen and he has been a wonderful addition to me and my family. Just like you mention in your article sometimes after a long stressful day, I look forward to coming home because he shows up to the door to greet me. I think it’s so nice because you love your pet and your pet loves you just the same. I think my house would feel pretty empty if I didn’t have my pet cat.

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