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Excitement and valuable lessons at Medieval Times field trip

By Melanie Ordaz

The field trip to Medieval Times in December was a wonderful experience. It made me feel so many unexplained emotions and taught me many lessons.

The staff showed us to be kind to others, even if they have a lower standards than you, to show chivalry to women whoever the lady my be always show politeness no matter what it is, and always show bravery to one, even if you’re afraid.

IMG_3977During the trip, a lot of Medieval Times workers were so kind to me and the group of students. Every girl got to experience knights showing chivalry that not many guys do these days. The knights gave flowers to the girls while kissing the flowers before handing it to the girls.

There were so many amazing animals that were shown during the event. We also got to see many weapons they used in medieval times

The field trip was an amazing way to teach important lessons, as the following students’ reflections show:

Carissa Turrios: I think that the show was great. It made me feel as if I was there back in the Medieval times. I think the actors did a good job; I love how they talk to you in an accent. I liked the food very much and the waiter was very nice. I also enjoyed seeing all the different horses. I loved how the horses hairs were braided. It was very cool to watch the show. I had a good time. The people were very kind and I liked that.

Giovanny Mossa: What I learned from the trip is not to laugh at other people just because they are different and do not judge if they are poor or rich. I also learned about cyberbullying. People need to stand up and speak to the bullies because we don’t want violence.

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