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Varsity soccer improves

By Emily Gonzales and Jaqueline De Santiago

The boys soccer team had a very good season. They won four games and tied two.  Even though they lost five, this year they had a better season than last year.

There were many strong players on the team. Coach Nico Kotcherha told the Star about two of the best.

“Michael Macko was the leader,” Coach Kotcherha said. “He plays well and he is the heart and the soul of the team. Carlos Avila was one of our most effective forwards.”

At the end of the season the boys placed fourth in the division.  “It was a good season; the boys did an amazing job,” Coach Kotcherha said.

Michael and goalie Juan (Ignacio) Hernandez were given the awards of Most Valuable Player. Adrian Espino received Most Improved.

“I think this season was one of the best that I have played with this team,” sophomore Luis Sosa. “This team treats me like family and we all love each other. This season our record was 4-2-4 so we didn’t do that bad. Hopefully next year we can come stronger and have a better season. I have learned so much from this team, such as leadership, and now I’ve become the player that I am today.”

3 comments on “Varsity soccer improves

  1. Dayna Dayson on said:

    I’d like to congratulate the soccer players and their ability to have a better season this year than they did last year. I’ve watched a couple of their games and went to one of their practices, and the least I could say is that they worked really hard in order to have a great performance on the field during their games. Mr. Kotcherha is a really good coach and he should get a lot more credit for managing the team.

  2. Velia Ortiz on said:

    I strongly agree with this topic because athletes in general have a lot to work on everyday. Everyday they have to improve and develop their skills. I know someone that plays for the school soccer team and he is an IB student and I can see the passion he has for the sport and he is really dedicated to improve and get better day by day. I can personally say that the team has improved a lot because the past season they had more downs than ups but I agree that they have improved and they deserve recognition for the effort and the dedication to the sport.

  3. Angel Antunez on said:

    I just wanted to say congratulations to the Steinmetz varsity soccer team. Every single year they are improving their performance and getting stronger. They are having better seasons and better players. But if they want to become better they will have to stick together and hard during training. They have to give it their all no matter where they are and what they are doing, each player we have is a key player. They have to pull their weight. Once again, congrats to the team and keep on fighting and don’t give up.

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