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Up and down season for volleyball

By Erika Carrasco

The girls varsity volleyball team ended the season with a record of 6-8.

Coach Marie Chaparro said the season was up and down. The team wasn’t consistent, and the girls fell apart once they made mistakes because they wouldn’t believe in themselves.

Co-captain Joyce Alvarez said when team members were off, the rest of the players tried to cheer them up and got them to keep going.

Joyce talked about it being her first year of joining the team and how at first it was “intimidating,” but she felt proud that her previous years of playing volleyball paid off.

“All I wanted was to play and make friends and that’s what happened,” she said.

Coach Chaparro said she will miss the seniors, since most of them have been playing for three or four years on the team.

When asked about co-captain Lluviccia Gomez, Coach said “she has volleyball in her blood, girls want to be like her.”

Lluviccia is a good role model as well, always willing to help any girl who needs it.

“No doubt she helped me improve my skills,” Joyce said. “She is a great player.”

The team held its annual breast cancer fund raiser game on Nov. 1. The varsity played against volleyball alumni, who were joined by team managers Frank Cabrera and Abdulkabir Yahya. The alumni team won.

2 comments on “Up and down season for volleyball

  1. Monserrat Garfias on said:

    As the captain and head setter of the JV girls volleyball team, I can relate to this statement: “The team wasn’t consistent and the girls fell apart once they made mistakes because they wouldn’t believe in themselves.”

    During our season, especially for the junior varsity team, it was difficult to get used to each other’s plays and how we motivated each other. You have sophomores who have played with each other the year before, but you also have new freshmen and others who have never played on a team before.

    As captain, I can say not many people think JV is a big deal, and if you’re not in varsity you’re not good enough. But being on JV gives you a chance to make mistakes and grow and improve. There were many girls in the beginning of the season who felt like they couldn’t make it or weren’t good enough, but by the end of the season, a lot of them had grown and understood how teamwork plays a huge part in winning games.

    Not everyone will move on to play for varsity, but playing for JV increased my love for volleyball, even with the hardships it brought me. It taught me a lot about how to control my frustrations and open my mind to become a better problem-solver and motivator.

  2. Josue Valdivia on said:

    As a beginner in the sport volleyball, I appreciate Erika Carrasco’s ideas and thoughts.

    When Erika mentioned how the co-captain Joyce Alvarez said how “team members were off, the rest of the players tried to cheer them up and got them to keep going,” it was something I think all players contain. During my freshman year volleyball season, I remember always being nervous to actually step onto the court and play, but with constant reassurement from my teammates, they had me kept going.

    The coaches always work so hard to make sure the team sticks together even though losses and long rallies. I think that is something that helps build trust and friendship among the players and everyone grows into a big family.

    Most ideas brought up are relatable and i hope to continue on with my volleyball journey because it is something that has made me into a new person and I’ve never felt more ready to step out onto the court again.

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