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Swimmers show strength and teamwork

By Valeriia Lytvak

The swim team had a good season that went by really fast. The team swam in five meets and participated in conference.

Team members showed progress in their skills throughout the season. Starting from the summer, the swimmers went through intense practices, and at the first meet beginners performed as experienced swimmers.

It would not be possible to accomplish such progress without the help of Coach Susy Sullivan.

“She is a fun coach, but a serious one when she needs to be,” co-captain Karla Aguilar said. “Ms. Sullivan is always the one cheering the loudest for the team.”

Also, the manager of the team, Luis Huerta, and captains, Luz Herrera and Karla, did a great job leading the team and helping their teammates to improve themselves.

Sophomore Kat Fleischer made big progress and showed real dedication to the sport. She had a break for a month because of a physical injury, and after that she showed the results on the level of last year’s swimmers.

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Swimming is hard and sometimes painful, but it makes you more organized, stronger and, most importantly, helps you understand real team spirit and cooperation.

Even when sitting on the bench, watching our teammates swim, we were cheering for them till we got out of breath, or even when a swimmer didn’t finish first, we would say “Good job!” because we knew she showed her best. That is all that matters.

There are many events at swim meets, including the medley relay, which has four different swimmers doing four different strokes – backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle. Also, one individual can do the same thing – four different strokes, but in different order – in event called IM individual medley relay. This is a tough event, and our captain Karla decided to take it on herself, and did good. Also, in conference the first year swimmer Liana Perez was swimming on the same speed as our captain in IM, which is an amazing result.

There are freestyle relay races in which four swimmers take turns after each other to sprint two lengths for the short relay and four lengths for long relay. Other event distances are from 500 yards freestyle to 25 yards. There are individual events for backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly as well.

The team beat Foreman in early October. Observers heard lots of cheering for both teams to finish their lengths in the pool. The girls motivated each other.

Senior Jennifer Gamboa said “athleticism was evident in the high endurance in all swimmers and the great formation and strong strokes taken by Luz, Karla and Kat. Almost all the swimmers possess a very strong dive and streamline.”

Jennifer saw “sportsmanship and focus” from all the Steinmetz swimmers when it came time to compete in their event.

“Luz showed remarkable determination in the meet against Foreman, as she swam a 25 and yet still managed to swim four  more lengths right after,” Jennifer said. “She showed her team how determined and strong you can be.”

Swim team, like all sports teams at Steinmetz, has great benefits and challenges.

“I made so many memories with Bluz (Luz), Weronika, Liana, etc.,” Karla said. “I hated it, though, because I would get so nervous before the meets. I’ll miss Ms. Sullivan yelling at us for not coming to morning practice. Swimming is great exercise. I would highly recommend it.”

One comment on “Swimmers show strength and teamwork

  1. Kat Fleischer on said:

    I wish Valeriia talked more about the seniors and the captains because it is their last year in high school and I think it would have been cool to showcase their improvements over the years or over this year, if this was their first year. Also, get the coaches’s view of the team because the coaches put a lot of their own extra time and effort into the team.

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