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Opinions about the uniform

When the Star surveyed students in October 2017 about the uniform (with 93 percent of the group indicating that they’d prefer no uniforms at Steinmetz), dozens of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors shared their opinions.

The following, divided by grade level, are some of the signed comments, transcribed by the 8th period journalism class.



“The uniforms make the school depressing.”

Cesar Escamila, freshman


“I hate getting in trouble for it.”

Anthony Martinez, freshman


“Because who wears uniforms?”

Giovanni Anaya, freshman


“Wearing our own clothes lets us be us.”

Omar Hasayeh, freshman


“I say no uniform ‘cause some people don’t have money to buy gym clothes, a $13 uniform shirt and pants.”

Keana Smith, freshman


“No uniforms because I want to show people what I wear.”

Krystian, freshman


“I don’t like wearing the same green colored shirt.”

Iverson Amparan, freshman


“My reason is because wearing uniforms are part of our school grade.”

Nathaniel Kndx, freshman


“No uniforms hold less restriction on students and it helps us express ourselves as people through fashion.”

Tamia Martinez, freshman


“To be honest, the uniforms aren’t too outrageous and the reason for their existence in the first place is because people abused their freedom. I doubt our demographic will be more responsible than the last one.”

Seth Kline, freshman


“I choose no uniforms because I want to dress up the way I want to dress up and not being forced to to wear something I don’t want to wear.”

Mark Jimenez, freshman


“My family can’t afford the clothing and plus I don’t like them.”

Clonde Gutierrez, freshman


“Uniform is lame, no one likes it. People like to be in their own clothes. My whole life it’s been uniforms. When it gets dirty we need to wash it.”

Rafael Garcia, freshman


“No because I’m tired of wasting money for more clothes.”

Fernando Paredes, freshman


“What we wear lets us be who we are.”

Jaden Melendez, freshman


“I feel students should have the freedom to choose what they want to wear.”

Jonathan Mendez, freshman


“No, because I don’t like uniform that’s the whole purpose of the ID’s and temps.”

Victor Diaz, freshman


“Uniforms prevent bullying based on what someone wears, and takes up less time to decide what to wear! You can definitely express yourself in other ways!”

Aleksandra Walediak, freshman


“It would stress me out to look for different clothes everyday”.

Ashley Palacios, freshman



“There should not be any uniform because most people feel weird with their uniform.”

Davion White, sophomore


“I want to be able to come to school with joggers and a t-shirt instead of khakis.”

Jalina Garay, sophomore


“I think we should at least be able to wear jeans.”

Fernando Arroyo, sophomore


“We should express ourselves freely. No rules.“

Karime Ramirez, sophomore


“ We shouldn’t have uniform. Uniform doesn’t come as an obstacle when i’m trying to get an A in my math class nor in any other subject.”

Kristal Gomez, sophomore


“We should not wear uniforms because to be honest I just don’t like them and I would rather wear clothes I like.”

Zamzam Dalis, sophomore


“I don’t really like the uniform because people should express the way they like dressing.”

Luis Sosa, sophomore


“Uniform is ugly and cost extra money like for what.”

Mia Villamil, sophomore


“I believe that everyone is unique. They deserve to voice themselves in any way, shape or form.”

Alyssa Smith, sophomore


“I think the uniform just makes the school look more boring than it actually is. We should showcase how interesting and unique the students and school really are.”

Angelina Villarreal, sophomore


“I don’t like the uniforms.”

Jesus Manzanares, sophomore


“I’d like to come to school in my own clothes that are comfortable and make me feel confident.”

Abigail Lacrosse, sophomore


“No uniforms because other Chicago public schools don’t wear uniforms. It’s not fair that we have to do it when other schools don’t have to wear uniforms.”

Brian Gonzalez, sophomore


“People should be able to express themselves freely and wear what they want.”

Kari Garcia, sophomore


“I don’t like the school uniforms, why not bring our normal clothes.”

Marvin DeLeon, sophomore


“The uniforms are ugly and I don’t like it.”

Christopher Torres, sophomore


“I hate the khakis.”

Christian Honorable, sophomore


“Hate uniform.”

George Lopez, sophomore


“I think we shouldn’t be using uniforms because there are some who can’t buy uniforms at the time or only have 3 or 4 shirts, but that isn’t enough”

Giovanni Saldado,sophomore


“I don’t like the school uniform and I would like to see some color in Steinmetz.”

Kevin Delgado, sophomore


“People like me do not have a lot of money for new clothes or clean clothes so it’s better with no uniform.”

JoseAngel Carreno, sophomore


“No one likes uniforms.”

Jesse Zetina, sophomore


“I think uniforms are stupid. Why do we need to wear uniforms? I feel that wearing uniforms don’t let us express ourselves and people don’t get to know our personality we should be able to express who we really are.”

Leslie Jimenez, sophomore


“Why would we wear uniforms? It’s hard getting these pants to match this uniform.”

Terryiana Jones, sophomore


“It would be better to remove the uniform.”

Angeluz Carreno, senior


“I don’t like matching with others and I don’t like the uniforms.”

Brian Garcia, sophomore


“I think that wearing uniforms is not for high school. Wearing uniform makes us feel that we are still in middle school, it makes us feel childish.”

Geovonnie Boyd, sophomore


“I feel we shouldn’t wear uniforms because it would be more easier for kids to go to school and if people knew how to dress it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Makalah Leach, sophomore


“I don’t mind wearing uniforms.”

Iris, sophomore


“I think we should keep our uniforms because maybe not a lot of kids have clothes to wear or if they do I feel like kids might take it too far. I think they should change the khakis though to whatever pants.”

Autumn Silcox, sophomore

“High school is about expressing yourself. Whether it’s through your work, clothes, what you do, or just whatever involves your interests”

Trinity Garcia, sophomore



“The uniform policy is a hassle. I would rather wear something comfortable instead of khakis and the green polo. It is also a waste of money for families because I know I won’t wear it out of school or after. Students should be able to express themselves.”

Jay Ann Perez, junior


“Some people cannot afford multiple uniforms. If you wear two polo shirts everyday you would need to wash your clothes too much. Khakis get dirty so easily and are hard to find.”

Valeriia Lytrak, junior


“It decreases discrimination and it makes all of us equal.”

Jocelyn Lopez, junior


“No uniform because it allows self expression. Anything is better than khakis. They care more about the pants than our grades. We want to be comfy at school.”

Diana Paramo, junior


“Some of us feel more comfortable without the uniform. We should be able to wear our sweaters that are not from Steinmetz.”

Alexis Diaz, junior


“I feel uncomfortable using uniform.”

Lara Banez, junior


“I hate wearing uniform.”

Angie Melchor, junior


“No uniform.”

Berenice Jerez, junior


“My khaki’s are short and look ridiculous on me, I’m having trouble getting new ones my size. Very bad for my self image.”

Hassan Daniel, junior


“Uniforms are quite expensive due to most high schools having no uniforms, so khakis are expensive.”

Keyla Garcia, junior


“Uniforms benefits us in no way. It doesn’t stop bullying like they say it does. It makes us look bad because schools with uniforms have “bad” students. It’s expensive, ugly, uncomfortable, not in my size. The uniforms hurts us.”

Sammie Chafa, junior



“It doesn’t really matter anymore because there’s always gonna be people who break the rules. So I’m neutral.”
Leslie Sequeira, senior


“It’s more comfortable wearing our own jeans. We’re just wasting money on pants only used for school. I don’t mind the Steinmetz shirts but I want jeans back like freshman year.”

Noe Lagunas, senior


“Our school has moved up and gotten better, so we should be rewarded with no uniform.”

Lia Cruz, senior


“Uniforms are too much.”

Bree M., senior


“Uniforms don’t stop the dumb, wannabe gangster kids from grouping together. There’s no point in having uniforms anymore. There are zero to none gang fights.”

Gustavo Carmona, senior


Uniform at Steinmetz is disgusting. Having to see everyone wearing the same thing is sad. Style is a great way of expressing who you are, and sadly that was taken away from us. We look like one big depressed school. No wonder why no one wants to come here.

Vinnie Rivera, senior


“I honestly think our school has gotten really good. I think the upperclassmen should be privileged with no uniform.”

Natalie Velasco, senior


“I am a young lady, therefore I get my menstrual cycle every month. I hate having to wear khakis in fear that I’ll stain myself. I would rather be in comfy clothes such as joggers and a warm sweater.”

Yuridia Galavis, senior


“It would be better off not to have uniform, students should feel comfortable. It also shows other schools that Steinmetz isn’t a bad school which may persuade others to visit this school.”

Michelle Hernandez, senior


“School uniforms limit our self confidence and our creativity to be ourselves. People are beautiful and diverse, so by wearing the uniform we are being stripped away from that. We should be trusted to act responsibly with no uniforms. I know not all people are responsible, but punish them, not the others whom actually want to do this.”

Leticia Perez, senior


“Without uniform we can be more comfortable”

Fatima Andrea Aguilar, senior


“No because it is our last year, we wanna enjoy it.“

Zaid, senior


“Spirit week was one of the best weeks of school, simply because students were able to express themselves. Faculty members don’t understand that students feel more comfortable being able to wear whatever they want.”

Yahaira Villatoro, senior


“Let the students express themselves and find themselves.”

Tyrek Gates, senior


“I feel like there shouldn’t be any uniform because majority of Chicago public schools have no uniform.”

Kyiah Morris, senior


“I can’t express myself when I’m in uniform.”

Alma Carmona, senior


“I think it would be better if we didn’t have uniform because we could wear comfy clothes.”

Katherine Garcia, senior


“Be free to wear what we want.”

Marcelo Roa, senior


“No we shouldn’t because this isn’t a private school to be wearing uniform, they don’t even wear uniform.”

Angela Perez, senior


“We should be able to wear what we want. What we wear to school doesn’t affect the way we learn.”

Sofia Velagas, senior


“I have a lot of clothes I’d like to wear.”

Aja Williams, senior


“I feel like there is no originality in the school. The schools surrounding such as Prosser and Chicago Academy have no uniforms. Why should we?”

Daria Velazquez, senior


“I don’t like the khaki pants.”

Miguel Lopez, senior


“No uniform allows us to come comfortable, express ourselves and be unique. All in one uniforms just make us one.”

Jada N. Briggs, senior


“Less problems and you don’t have to think about what to wear.”

Chiya Loyd, senior


“It keeps the students more focused and they don’t have to worry about being bullied about what he or she wears.”

Jazmyne Evans, senior

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