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Educational benefits of zoos don’t justify animals’ misery

By Stephanie Pravinchandra

On Oct. 11, when the other classes were taking PSATs, the seniors had a field trip to the zoo, a place that many people believe causes more harm than good.

One of the problems with zoos are the enclosures the animals are forced to endure. Zoo workers may decorate them, but that’s nothing compared to the natural habitats where animals were meant to live.

Cramped conditions bore animals and make them act unnaturally. The enclosures also cut lives. A study found that elephants held captive in zoos live an average of 17 years, while in the wild they live 56 years.

One comment on “Educational benefits of zoos don’t justify animals’ misery

  1. Sergio Vargas on said:

    I think your article has some valid points about animals in zoos, but I believe it’s a good thing that some animals are in there, especially with polar bears. This is because some animals are endangered, and having them captive can be beneficial for them to reproduce.

    Earlier this week I saw a video on how it hard it is for polar bears to survive now due to the fact their climate is changing, making it so there is less food, leading to starvation. No one can give these bears food because it is illegal.

    I think people learning about animals is like a cherry on the top on why zoos can be good.

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