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Coach Lefty leads Silver Streaks to Homecoming win against Foreman

By Freddy Crittendon

There were very low expectations on this year’s Silver Streak football program. No pressure to make playoffs or achieve a winning record. In fact, many students and staff didn’t even believe we’d win a single game.

But the Streaks had a good season, continuing the tradition of Steinmetz football.

In the last 10 years, Steinmetz has had a record of 44-58. Our last playoff appearance was in 2012, the last conference championship in 2006.

Coach Tim McNulty resigned as head coach at the end of the 2016 season after 21 years of coaching. Attendance coordinator and alumnus Angel “Lefty” DeJesus took over the program as the new head coach. He had already been coaching basketball and baseball for Steinmetz at the Junior Varisty levels.

Team members say he brought a positive vibe to the team.

“Lefty is one of those types of people you need to be around,” JV captain Jeremiah Herrod said. “You need to be around him to understand his rhythm (of things).”

As a first year coach, despite the record, many felt like Lefty had huge success. His coaching is one of a kind. When we practice, it comes with a lot of heart. Heart plays a huge role when discussing the way Lefty runs things. Heart is the main thing to train, because despite all the talent and skill you have, heart makes players.

“Lefty is like the dad I never had,” senior Acole Anderson said. “He didn’t yell at me when I made a mistake; he only encouraged me to do better while bettering myself in the process.”

One comment on “Coach Lefty leads Silver Streaks to Homecoming win against Foreman

  1. Jeremiah Herrod on said:

    This was my first year playing football. I have so much love and respect for Coach Lefty because he made me the person who I am today. I was able to play with my brothers on the field and in spirit. The thing that I admire about Lefty is that he says heart is key to be successful, not talent. My brothers made a key statement, saying that coach would not get angry when you did something wrong. He would only encourage me to improve and prove to myself to be something.

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