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Let’s get real

By Chiya Loyd

This year, students should stop being basic.

Talking about things like the uniform, the lunch and the when school starts is getting really played out. We are now young adults going into the real world — we should be talking about real things. Things like the Sept. 8 senior meeting. There is no way there can be a senior contract when not one student has seen or signed anything. Holding us to this said “contract” is practically illegal.

We need to talk about public school system’s priorities and how those priorities are not in the right places. We want students to be successful in life, but schools aren’t teaching things that are considered life necessities. I don’t need to know the Pythagorean Theorem to be successful. Show me how to do my taxes. Why is my learning the Periodic Table of Elements more important than me actually knowing how the elements work?

Schools care more about the actual letter grade than the students comprehending the material. They believe having good grades means you’re a child prodigy, but you can give any fool time to study a test and to memorize the answers and they can pass with the perfect score. Do they know the material – is the question. Having book smarts and being intellectually knowledgeable are very different things.

These are some of the things I would like to explore this year and I know the Star is just the place to do it.


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