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Review of Sense 8

By Elise Guillen

“Sense 8” is my favorite Netflix original show. I discovered it last October and it’s become one of my favorite shows of all time. The show follows eight people from all across the world who become Sensates–which allows for someone to have a connection with seven other people. This connection is a blessing and a curse, you feel what all these seven people feel, you are no longer just one person.

The show follows eight people in places ranging from Kenya to America. Each person has his or her own storyline. All the characters dramatically change once they realize the connection they have with their cluster – a group of eight people who are all connected. It’s hard to imagine that one day you’re living your normal life and suddenly you know another language and experience things in a completely different continent. That’s why the show is so interesting; it has a unique storyline that is able to show a range of characters from a variety of places.

What also makes this show so amazing is the  diversity. It features people all around the world and they speak different languages and live in different countries. This show really gives the viewer an insight into so many different cultures and lifestyles. The diversity is one of my favorite thing on the show. Diversity is great which many other shows lack it. Sense 8 is a show that will really open your eyes to the lack of diversity in so many shows because the diversity is so present in this show and is so crucial to the storyline.

The first season was so good and had me hooked since the first episode so I was very excited for the second season. This review is very general because I don’t want to risk spoiling this show – it’s that good that I feel like people should experience it fully. I recommended it to everyone I know and I still do to this day. I was excited for the second season but I expected it to be just as good as the first. I was wrong. It was even better.

The second season deals with the threat of being a sensate, something viewers discover in the first season but season two goes into it much more.  It also goes into a deeper explanation of what it’s like being a sensate and the origins of BPO, an organization that hunts and kills any Sensate they can find because they believe Sensates are a threat to society.

One of my favorite things about the new season was how the relationships within the cluster deepen and how they all grew close to the point where they are a family and rely on each other. The second season featured everything that made the first season great but somehow made it better.

Sense 8 has so many reasons why it’s a great show. But what ultimately makes me love it is how beautiful it is. The cinematography is gorgeous so the show always provides breathtaking shots.

The actors happen to be attractive yet they bring so much complexity to their characters showing that their acting is bound to be great because of the amazing characters they portray.

There’s so much beauty in seeing the world and this show shows it so well such as interactions between people all across the globe and featuring so many details of what it’s like to live in places like Kenya or India. Seeing cultures intertwine is so refreshing and really teaches viewers  that Hollywood doesn’t portray it well enough. It shows so many perspectives from the world that allows viewers to be open-minded while watching and that’s an important and beautiful thing.

The strong group of characters who grow a bond beyond blood is something anyone will want after watching the show. Lastly, the show is so smart in how builds a storyline that is able to tie in so many other amazing things to make one beautiful tv show.

download-2Even though season 2 ended in a huge cliff-hanger, I loved it. But now, everything is different. While writing this review I found out that Sense 8, one of my favorite shows ever, was cancelled. I am still devastated. It was weird to think I would write a review to hopefully make people watch the show. But now, most likely if someone reads this, they’ll see it’s cancelled and wonder why they should even bother with watching it. I get that but, if I had never found this show I would be a lesser person.

That sounds really dramatic but I believe that TV Shows, movies or books can have a big impact. This show was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Netflix really messed up by cancelling it. I hope that there is still a possibility that the show can ever come back, I can get the answers that I have and watch the beauty that is Sense 8 again. But, it’s sadly unlikely.

I urge anyone to watch it. Join me and many fans in our sadness. Even though it’s over and incomplete, the show was an experience everyone should witness and if people opened themselves up to the idea of the show, they can easily fall in love with it.

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