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Prom 2017

This year’s prom such a wonderful success. A total of 275 people reserved for dinner, and quite a few more staff came afterward to dance and celebrate with our seniors.

Adriana Cortes and Christhian Torres were crowned prom queen and king.

“There are many people whom I would like to than,” Ms. Russo said, in an email to staff. “First, thank you to everyone who donated jars. They made fabulous centerpieces. On that theme, thank you to Ms. Szulkowski and selected seniors who turned those lowly pickle and jelly jars into beautiful lanterns. Almost all of the lanterns were taken home by students as keepsakes of the evening.


Some students’ photos did not make it into the print edition of the Star.

“Thank you also to the administration, Ms. Williams and Mr. Jaramillo, for attending and to Sam Pearson, Noah Washington and Laura Jimenez for working security for the evening.

“Thank you to the following teachers for celebrating the evening with our kids – forgive me if I miss anyone!
Mr. Roldan, Ms. Childs, Ms. Serritella, Ms. Walker, Mr. Mink, Ms. Zaluba, Ms. Woodward, Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Hasken, Mr. Mendrano and Mrs. Mendrano as well as former teachers Ms. Cotto and Mr. Moore.

“Thank you to Mr. McNulty, Mr. Ochoa, Candido Martinez and Ms. Eichstaedt for making sure that SCORE ran smoothly while we were preparing for prom. You have made that program the success it is!

“And my heartfelt thanks to Angel DeJesus, Gina Szulkowski, Marie Chaparro and Emily Holley for getting there early to help set up and staying late to take everything down – and everything in between. You guys are the best.

“I love working with seniors. This is a special time for all of them. I hope that everyone will take a moment to wish them all well as they leave Steinmetz and move on to the next phases of their lives.”


Students are welcome to submit prom photos by emailing

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