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Gay Straight Alliance offers support

By Marcus Lee

I am a teenage boy who is still wondering who he is. There is a lot out there in the world to try and to see what best fits me. I’m so confused with myself that I don’t even want to go out in the world and try new things. I just do the things that I’m used to, but I really think it’s me being gay that’s holding me back from trying new things.

There is too much hate in the world, and that really scares me. Everywhere I go I’m in fear. It’s hard for me to walk around or get on the train or bus because I feel like I’m in danger. This is a crazy world that I live in with all the evil.

I think that because I am gay things are worse for me. I have to deal with bullies and other people who don’t like or agree with my lifestyle.

Being gay is my second strike; my first strike is being an African American. I feel like being a gay, black man is even worse. Life is already hard as it is and with all the killing and racism that’s going on, it is hard for people to make a living. I fear that I won’t make it long enough to be a grown, gay, black man.

We live in a world that loves to judge other people, especially if they’re part of the gay community. We really get judged by a lot of people who don’t understand us. We have people out here who like to bully us, kill us, threaten our lives. We are not allowed some places because of who we are and what we like and how we address ourselves.

Some of us don’t even like who we are. We wonder why we became what we are. Some are just okay with it; some are not. Some try to change, but they can’t no matter how hard they try.

For us LGBT people life is so hard everywhere we go. We have to deal with people who don’t agree with what we are. They say a lot of mean and rude things to us, call us all different types of names.

Some of us are strong and some of us are weak and soft. Some can ignore and don’t care what anybody says about them. Some fight back, while the weak ones cry or kill themselves because they can’t deal with being in a world that judges them everywhere they go. It’s like they can’t go anywhere.

We have people who try to defend us and help us out. Steinmetz has a GSA club where students may find understanding and support.

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