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More Writing = More Joy

By Ryan Allibone

Writing, believe it or not, is a great way to improve your life. By writing out something, you can view it from a new perspective and maybe even learn something more about yourself. I  am currently writing a story, maybe even considered a book, and I made myself a main character.

Writing about yourself is difficult. You already know yourself so well that you know how you’d act in many situations, but readers don’t. They need to learn about you so you need to put yourself out there and describe who you are as a person.

Now, you might say that it’s easy to describe yourself, but most people can only say who they are just on the outside, not who they truly are. If you can pull your true self from the depths of your heart, then you can learn more about who you are through some soul searching. By learning more about yourself, you’ll feel more at peace and enlightened on who you are, and if that’s not true happiness then I don’t know what is.

People can use writing to find out who they truly are at heart and what they need to change. “The idea here is getting people to come to terms with who they are, where they want to go,” said Dr. Pennebaker. “I think of expressive writing as a life course correction.”

This quote comes from Writing Your Way to Happiness by Tara Parker-Pope, a very interesting article that discusses how studies have shown that writing about ourselves has a positive influence on our lives. In one study, college freshmen who were struggling academically were told to “edit their narratives,” and prompted to think differently about themselves. In another study, students were asked to write advice for others in their same situation. In both cases, the students who wrote about success succeeded more than those who didn’t write. Writing has the potential to have a very profound effect on people’s lives.

As a writer myself, I know that the more people write, the more chances we have to self-reflect and work out problems in our lives in new ways. You can view a situation from multiple prospectives and better yourself as a person to become more understanding. By writing you can also understand yourself better, acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. By acknowledging that you are weak, you become strong.

Editor’s note: This piece was originally published on Ryan’s blog, where readers can find other interesting posts.]


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