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Students share frustration at LSC meeting

By Christian Perez

Several other people and I went to the September 14, 2016, Local School Council (LSC) meeting because we had a problem about the uniform. We had talked about the uniform everyday in class. Everyone (including junior David Delgado, pictured with this reporter) was upset.

I went to the meeting because they needed to hear my voice about this. I had started a petition on the uniform to get students to sign their names to show the LSC members that there are so many students that don’t like this policy.

When you come in to the meeting you need to sign in to speak about the problems going on in school. There was this lady that spoke first. She said that she loves the new uniform policy going on, that we look great and that if she was a freshman she would come to this school because of this uniform.

When it was my turn to speak I said, “Here at Steinmetz College Prep we have a tradition of the senior hoodie. Now that we are going to  have this uniform we are not going to have that anymore. I hope that changes because this has been something special.”


Senior Christian Perez talks about the new uniform policy ending traditions. (Photo by Jesse Martinez.)

I sat down and heard other students talk about the same issue that I was talking about.

We started to hear what the LSC members had to say. The LSC president Vanessa Valentin said that if we wear this uniform it protects us from gangs and we are her children.

I was surprised about what she said. It didn’t make a sense. I left the meeting.    

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