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Motivated to speak out at the LSC meeting

By Jesse Martinez

I went to the Local School Council (LSC) meeting on September 14, 2016, as a photographer. I wasn’t planning on speaking, but after I heard the other students and the council members speaking, I decided to speak up and express what I was feeling inside.

I had wanted to stay quiet for I was only a photographer covering that meeting for my journalism class. I tried to pay attention and understand the reasons why the school would change the uniform in the first place. I thought the LSC would prove me wrong; unfortunately, that didn’t happen. 

Before the meeting was over I had to speak up. I said, “Before the meeting ends I would like to talk for the people who have concerns and who couldn’t make it to today’s meeting.”

Principal Stephen Ngo said, “Go ahead. There was a time limit, but go on, we’ll hear you out.”

I said the following:

If  I can be honest, I feel that you guys are just making decisions without thinking about the students.

I had trouble getting the uniform together. Some of us support ourselves. We don’t have mommy and daddy buying stuff for us.

I also know a lot of people who wanted to come  to Steinmetz, but heard about the new policy and decided not to. They wanted a school with  more freedom and apparently Steinmetz doesn’t offer that and it’s an issue. I heard that our school is missing students and that is an effect of this policy.

I do not agree with the uniform. We aren’t able to wear our club or program shirts. We should be able to express ourselves. It’s high school. We aren’t in middle school and we aren’t a charter school. Many schools around the neighborhood don’t have uniforms.

Then I honestly got mad and walked out.


Star photographer Jesse Martinez in Room 333, the Steinmetz Star office and Journalism classroom.


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