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Hugh Hefner sends donation for Star printing

Playboy editor-in-chief and Steinmetz graduate Hugh Hefner sent another large donation on Dec. 5  for the printing of the Steinmetz Star.

“Enclosed please find the fourth installment check from Mr. Hefner to be allocated to the Steinmetz Star,” Mr. Hefner’s executive assistant Amanda Warren wrote in a letter from Playboy Enterprises.

Since 2011, Mr. Hefner has paid for professional printing for the Star. The paper is printed at Topweb in Chicago.

In addition to the financial support, the letters he and his staff send – that acknowledge the work of the Steinmetz faculty and students, and share his joy – greatly encourage the community.

“Hef looks back on his Steinmetz days with such joy,” Ms. Warren wrote. “He’s thrilled to be able to continue to support the school and, in particular, the Star!”

Hefner photo 001 (1)

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris in December 2011, a few weeks before their wedding.

Prior to Mr. Hefner’s sponsorship of the Star (the publication that he also was a part of during his high school years), Star faculty advisers printed a newsletter that they would have to photocopy themselves.

The money Mr. Hefner donates now enables Steinmetz to publish a full-length, full-color, tabloid-size newspaper, which makes Steinmetz is a rarity in Chicago and the nation. Many schools throughout the nation have cut newspapers from their budgets.

Steinmetz is part of a small group of public and private high schools that belong to the Scholastic Press Association of Chicago. Some of these schools, including the elite Northside College Prep, no longer publish a print edition of their newspapers. They publish online only. Some publish newsletters, printed in-house. The handful of members that print newspapers regularly, publish entirely (or mostly) in black and white.


Hefner letter 001 (1)


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