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We should all take pride

Being part of the Top Ten was not an easy task to accomplish, especially with all the work that comes from being an IB student. There are endless amounts of homework and sleepless nights that tend to be overwhelming and stressful. But this does not just come with being an IB student; this comes with being a high school student.

So, no matter who we might be, we should all take pride in everything that we have all accomplished.

Each one of us overcame many struggles; we should all be recognized and take pride in surviving high school.

The key for me in surviving high school and being part of the Top Ten was time management. I also avoided drama and had that special someone to lean on when things became overwhelming to handle on my own.

I would always skip lunch and just go to the library and work on any homework I was given. It does sound like a nerdy thing to do, but I didn’t mind because I knew it will benefit me in the end.

Ever since elementary school I would always keep to myself and not socialize as much and this carried on to high school as well. Many of you will think this was crazy, but I found it rather normal because in my classes I will just focus on getting done what was supposed to be done.

However, outside of school I was somewhat of a different person, especially when it came to soccer season both my junior and senior year. Soccer was something new that I tried out and I am glad I took a risk and was part of it. I met new friends and I was able to forget the stress that came from being in IB. Although it was difficult to balance soccer and school, with time management it wasn’t so difficult for me to handle.

But I have to admit, there were many times where I could not handle the pressure and stress and I would end up breaking down and feeling as if I could no longer handle everything that was thrown my way. Even if I am number one in the class, it does not mean that I’m a robot because I’m not. I have had my flaws, mistakes, and my limits pushed.

Let’s face it, we all have gone through those breaking moments but what helps is having just that one person who will be there for you. Having that one person who will hold your hand, look you in the eyes and say that everything will be okay. It sounds corny but it’s true.

My advice to everyone is no matter who we might be, we all matter and we have to push ourselves to success no matter how impossible it might seem. Whenever we stumble and fall down, wipe off the dust and continue on to the road of our own success.

Thank you to all my teachers from freshman to senior year, all my friends that I made along the way, and my high school sweetheart.

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